How I work

I work relationally and offer a confidential, safe, non-judgemental space to explore difficult feelings and understand underlying patterns in relationships. I will work with you towards greater self-understanding, self-acceptance and the freedom to choose the way you want to live your life.

I have a flexible approach, tailoring our work to your needs. We focus on the here and now (what’s happening from moment to moment), working in collaboration, at your pace, and where your interest lies. This can help you to see more clearly what your situation is, how you are a part of it, and find new ways to face the difficulty.

I offer short and long-term therapy, depending on your wants and needs. I work face-to-face and can also offer Skype sessions.

My fees range from £50-£60 a session, depending on the time of day and location. I also offer some low cost therapy spaces.